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Future prize

Future prize

Call for proposals

The DACED Future Prize for a scientifically excellent experimental or clinical trial project in the field of inflammatory bowel disease will be awarded for the twelfth time in 2021. The prize, endowed with 7,500 euros, is donated by Ferring Arzneimittel in Kiel and will be presented at the DACED annual conference on 18/19 Awarded June 2021 in Mainz. Scientists with a doctorate who are proven through their previous and current scientific work in this field and who were not over 40 on May 17, 2021, can apply.

The application is to be sent by email to by 17. May, 2021 and accompanied by a curriculum vitae, a short project outline (max. one A4 page) and a publication list.

The prize-winner will be invited to discuss the results of his / her work in a 15-minute lecture during the DACED annual conference 2021 and the 75th anniversary of the German Society of Gastroenterology, Digestive and Metabolic Diseases (Leipzig, 15. to 18. September 2021).

Winner of DACED future prize

Winner of DACED future prize 2019: Dr. Sebastian Zundler

from left: Dr. Birgitta Reimers, Dr. Sebastian Zundler, Prof. Samuel Huber, Prof. Dominik Bettenworth
Photo: Kompetenznetz Darmerkrankungen e.V.


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